Get the open concept modern look. Increase the value and make a more efficient feel and comfort.

INTERESTED IN OPEN CONCEPT? INQUIRE ABOUT LOAD BEARING WALL REMOVAL TODAY. Call BUILDA and we will help to create the heart desire home of your satisfaction

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We are a team of old school skilled construction tradesmen that are committed to deliver the best quality workmanship.Its our passion

   An experienced carpenter with over 30 year’s legacy behind him, with the skills & vision, enabling him to make suggestions to engineers in order to accomplish the best result for a client. Equipped with extensive concrete and masonry knowledge, we are  structural specialists. Any question that you may have, we answer it in a clear and concise manner so we both can make the finish be to your complete satisfaction because the client’s happiness is our priority.


Residential / Commercial

     We Can Help - Call Us Today. Guaranteed Satisfaction.

Easy 3-Steps Process.

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Free Consultation.

Flexible Plans. 

Building Permit . 


     We know that removing any  load bearing wall and install a beam to replace the existing wall isvery tedious and require special skill to accomplish the best result. We focus on lateral movements, diagonal support and deflections.  Addressing  these possible future problems . There are some very critical points which I don’t see some engineers emphasize on, and these are very important factors.

 Open concepts are good investments to obtain better resale value and establish modern attractive look, but it takes skill to accomplish the best quality workmanship. Also a vital component of our company is THE PRICE.                                                                      

BEAMS -(LVL - Steel – C- Channel – Flitch)