We provide selective demolition services from precision removal of building components to complete building strip-outs. 


  • Carpenter skill to remidiate any problem of avoiding collapse.
  • Masonry skill 
  • Mold remediation                                            

 We are here to save you time and money!



BUILDA specializes in selective demolition in and around live sensitive operations, without disruption to surrounding activities. Demolition Services:

  Full House Demolition

  Partial House Demolition

  Commercial Demolition

  Structural Demolition and Foundation Removal

  Selective Interior Demolition and Dismantling


BUILDA specilizes in residential and commercial demolition throughout the GTA and surrounding area. Demolition is often the first step in realizing your vision for a new and improved building or interior space. BUILDA prepares each and every demolition site to minimize all disruptions and exposure to the surrounding residents, businesses, and pedestrian traffic.

The team of professionals consist of a skill carpenter that understand the complete existing frame, and know how to leave parts of the demo to make it easier for the next trades 

Whether we are demolishing an entire structure or just the interior of a building, our crews understand that they are part of the process in helping you achieve this vision and will treat your property with the utmost respect and professionalism.